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For Seniors “On the Move”; whether you want to downsize so you can travel, age in place in safety and comfort, or you need to move to a smaller home or assisted living community, Spectrum Senior Solutions is your “Total Solution Expert.”

Age In Place

Are you ready to see the world but would like to have a place to reside between those excursions that will allow you to live a full life in the home of your choice? Is the setup of your current residence creating challenges for you. If you would like to reside in your home where you raised your family for as long as possible, it will probably need a few modifications?

Aging in place isn’t about growing old. It is about being prepared for the changes in your life that occur as you grow older and planning ahead to maintain an excellent quality of life. When we work with you and your family, our goal is to identify your individual needs and challenges.

In some cases, this may be completing home modifications or remodeling your residence. Falling is one of the most significant threats to someone who decides to stay in their current home, and according to the CDC, the leading cause of injury-related deaths amongst older adults. By removing these barriers, increasing lighting, and making everyday household features more accessible, it eliminates many of the risks presented to older adults.

In other cases, the home may not allow a remodel that would significantly benefit you and continuing your residence there. Our team also helps with downsizing and finding a new location to enable you to age in place without having to move to an assisted living facility until you are ready.

Let one of Spectrum Senior Solutions consultants show you how planning now will help you to keep building your best experience cost-effectively and straightforwardly while aging in place.

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This beautiful house was designed for a walker or wheelchair.  Special attention was given for the roll-in/walk-in shower.